discussion of how development in this domain might proceed differently at other developmental stages

You must write a 650 words (body of text), double-spaced reaction paper demonstrating that you read the assigned article, and includes a thoughtful reaction to the material presented in the article.
Please note that there are no specific questions you must answer about each article. Instead, your assignment is to write a reaction paper based on each reading. A reaction paper is not a summary of the article. Rather, it is an opportunity to think critically about the research that is presented and to formulate a thoughtful response to it.
Possible approaches to reaction papers include:
1. A discussion of why you feel the topic is important and worthy of study (or not)
2. An application of the study or results to your own experiences
3. An application of the study or results to observations about other behaviors
4. Linking the objectives or findings from the assigned article to other domains of development or other findings that we read about or discuss in class
5. A suggestion for further studies or experiments that might help researchers better understand the topic being studied
6. Alternate interpretations of the researchers’ findings
7. A discussion of how development in this domain might proceed differently at other developmental stages
8. Your own thoughts about how development proceeds in the domain being researched in the article
There are other possibilities as well. The best reaction papers illustrate that students have read the assigned materials and engaged in critical thinking about some aspect of the article.
Formatting requirements: 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font, one-inch margins on all sides.
GRADING: Reaction papers are graded on a 25-point scale, and are evaluated based on the following:
1. Does the paper show a clear tie-in to the assigned article? (10 points)
2. Does the paper present a thoughtful reaction or response to the article, rather than a summary? (10 points)
3. Is the paper clearly written? (5 points)

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