develop an individual project that analyzes transportation, logistics, or distribution supply chain issues

Each student will develop an individual project that analyzes transportation, logistics, or distribution supply chain issues relevant to the course material by conducting independent research over the duration of the course. This project will afford students the opportunity to consider topics discussed in class in the context of the role of transportation, logistics, and distribution within a firm’s supply chain.
For the Major Research Report, you must report on 5 to 6 main topics. Each student will submit the project report at the end of the course. All project papers should include the following sections:
Introduction: List the objective of the paper and scope of your analysis. This is your thesis area.
Body (replace this term with appropriate Section Headings as needed by your paper): This includes the main sections of your paper. Make sure your paper is analytical rather than just descriiptive.
Conclusion: Discuss your conclusions as well as suggestions for future research.
References: List all the references you used in your paper (expectations are 4 to 6 references per topic).
Appendix sections: Tables, annual reports, statistics, and other relevant information.
Possible topics (with many more possibilities) include the following suggestions:
Key Success Factors for Managing Distribution Centers
Transportation Strategy for XYZ Company
Key Performance Metrics for Managing Transportation Firms/Distribution Centers
Location Issues in a Distribution Network
XYZ Company and their Distribution System: Successes and Concerns
“Green” / Sustainability Strategies for….
The topics are endless; choose something not only relevant to the course but a topic that interests you and you want to learn more about. Do not do a descriiptive paper on a company. This report is to be an analysis of a supply chain issue.
(You do not have to use the suggested topics. The company I want you to do is FedEx Express there is a difference between FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx. If you can not find enough information for FedEx Express just do FedEx)
As per instructions you will need 4-6 sources per topic

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