develop a Work Breakdown Structure

A primary task in the development of a project plan is breaking down all of the tasks so that no steps are missed. A work breakdown structure is a systematic list of the elements that need to be done as the project progresses. Most projects have multiple levels of tasks, so the tasks will have sub-tasks. For instance, if the task is “cleaning the car” then sub tasks might be vacuuming the interior, soaping/scrub exterior, rinse off and finally, towel drying. The interior vac, might also have sub tasks of throwing out trash, washing interior windows and wiping down the dash. The soaping/exterior might have an additional sub-task of pretreating tire rims.
Unit Learning Outcome(s) Reflected in assignment:
Create a Work Breakdown Structure for a project (CLO 3)
For the project plan you are developing,
develop a Work Breakdown Structure using either an outline, hierarchal, tabular or tree structure format for your WBS
Aa good source for examples is: (Links to an external site.)
The main tasks should be structured using the five headings
Your WBS can be formatted in a Word file using a Word table or Word shapes with text boxes, in PowerPoint or in Excel, but import the content you develop into a Word document so it can readily become part of your final plan.

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