Describe the scenario(s) that leads to the paradox

Write a short paper in which you present the paradox and discuss proposed solutions and related issues. Think of an encyclopedia entry as a model for the assignment. Research the paradox on Wikipedia, the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and any other resources you find helpful.
For most of the paradoxes, the following organizational scheme will work.
Introductory paragraph.
Setting up the paradox. Describe the scenario(s) that leads to the paradox, or the context in which the paradox arises.
Explicating the antinomy. Summarize and explain the arguments that lead to apparently contradictory or unacceptable conclusions in order to clarify why it’s considered a paradox. Present the arguments in your own words, as if you were explaining them to someone who has never heard of the subject.
Notable information related to the paradox. Detail the historical origins of paradox, related versions of the paradox, proposed implications for one or two fields of study, or anything else that seems noteworthy.
Discussing proposed solutions. Pick two or three proposals for resolving the paradox that you encountered in your research. In each case, summarize the solution, making clear how it is alleged to eliminate the antimony. Then discuss a criticism of the solution.
Concluding Paragraph. Survey some related issues, and present final thoughts on the paradox.
In some cases, the organization might need to be modified. You can organize the paper differently if you want to, but make sure it meets the requirements in the rubric.
Write tersely. (Always make the point as quickly and efficiently as possible.) However, it will almost certainly need to be about 800-900 words to be complete. If it is shorter, then consider whether you have sufficiently covered all the relevant issues. The accepted file formats are listed below. Use a legible, reasonable-sized font, and format your writing somewhat like the articles we’ve read. It’s also helpful to double space so I can insert comments more easily. Review the rubric attached below for grading information.

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