create 5 Instructional (Behavioral) Objectives (IO) in the Cognitive Domain.

Please create 5 Instructional (Behavioral) Objectives (IO) in the Cognitive Domain.
Each IO must be written at different grade level (Kindergarten through grade 12) and different content area (subject) as follows:
1 Objective for Math
1 Objective for Science
1 Objective for English Language Arts
1 Objective for Social Science (Core Subject: History/Civics/Government/Economics)
1 Objective for an elective (Music/Art/Debate/Technology/World Language)
After you have developed your 4-part Instructional Objective in the mandatory format (Who – Condition – Behavioral/Performance Verb – Criteria), find a Florida Standard that aligns* with your objective. Copy and paste the Alpha-numeric label and the wording of the benchmark of the standard directly below your objectives.
The wording of your Instructional Objectives does not have to match the wording of the FL Standard (Links to an external site.) — they only need to be related to each other. In most cases an Instructional Objective is a subset or part of the topic that is covered by the Standard.
You must develop your objectives following the mandatory 4-part format, in ONE, Single sentence. Be sure to complete the textbook reading and watch the presentation in this module for instructions before you attempt this assignment. Use all the materials available to you — the key to success on this and subsequent Teaching Practicum Assignments is following the directions exactly as they are stated. The format for the IO is non-negotiable.
The concept of effective IOs is the essential fundamental concept of this course! If you do not master this skill, it becomes very difficult to be successful in this course!
At first, most teachers are challenged in the development of Instructional Objectives (IOs) that are reasonable in terms of the criteria (level/quality of student performance). Your criteria should correspond with the skill level of your students, as well as the complexity of the content being taught in the lesson. In addition, the criteria must align with the nature of the task or the behavior. If a student is going to read the hour on an analog clock for the first time, a reasonable measure (the criteria is indicated by the bold-faced portion of the IO) might be:
The student, after an explanation on reading the whole hour on an analog clock, will correctly read the hour on an analog clock at least one out of two times for each of 10 rounds.
This means that after the explanation, the teacher will present the student with an image that has the faces of two clocks. Each clock will depict a whole hour, such as 8 o’clock or 2 o’clock. For each set of clocks shown, the student will read at least one of the whole hours correctly. The student will have 10 pairs of clocks to read.
Please see the attachment for more examples of Instructional (Behavioral) Objectives in the cognitive domain. Please take note of the criteria in each case as well as the Florida Standard that aligns with each objective. Please be sure to indicate the alpha-numeric code and the verbiage of each of your standards as demonstrated in the attached file of sample instructional/behavioral objectives.

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