​how do writers contextualize?

​Exploratory Essay​​​ English 110
Minimum 500 Words
While an exploratory essay itself is not an argumentative piece of writing, it does look at arguments and ideas surrounding a contentious issue.
One of the hallmarks of good academic writing is the contextualization of the issue, and the exploratory essay is almost exclusively a contextualization of the issues you may be writing about. So how do writers contextualize? To contextualize is to give readers information about what other writers and thinkers have written and thought about a given topic. One provides history, theory, conflicting thought, arguments both for and against but also in the middle—and there are often many different points of view that reside in between the poles of thought.
Ultimately, the exploratory essay gives you an opportunity to look broadly at the issues you may be working on this semester. To do this, you have to read broadly, explore, be curious. You need to go beyond the simplistic binary “this or that” “for or against” “either/or” “pro/con” way of thinking about an issue.
You are being introduced to this project early in the semester so that you can begin to think about what it is you might write about for the Researched Argument. You have some time to think about what you will be doing and time to more thoroughly investigate your topic. Because you have this time, it is expected that your exploratory essay and the researched argument that follows will be perspicacious, that your writing will be informed by a goodly range of reading and research, thought and reflection.
You should conclude with a paragraph discussing your connection to the issue or interest with the topic.
You should explore an idea of your choosing from one of the broad categories below.
Again, these are broad categories, so you can choose a more specific topic from within. The library index has a “Points of View” index that can help you choose a topic within these categories.
Citizen’s Rights
Civics and Government
Crime and Punishment
The Environment
Global Affairs
Health and Medicine
Human Rights
Labor and Economics
Women’s Issues
American issues of Race
Here are the following topics you may not write about (exceptions may be made in cases of unique and interesting ideas):
Cyber Bullying
The 2nd Amendment
Social Media
Media Bias
Cannabis Legalization

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