Write a brief narrative (1 typed page) of your daily commute to work,

Write a brief narrative (1 typed page) of your daily commute to work, school, or some other frequent destination. Make sure your narrative has a beginning, an end, and some sort of chronological order.
To give you a headstart of my daily commute: I have school from Monday to Friday during the weekdays. I take five classes and have to get up early to take those classes, but before doing that, I pray first, take a quick shower, make a simple breakfast, have coffee t for myself, and start the day with my classes. In addition to school days, I work from Thursday to Sunday for 8 hours each day. Currently, I work for Chipotle, and I enjoy working there. Although some days can be hectic and stressful, you will become accustomed to it after some time. I am now dealing with a week in which almost every day seems to be a busy one. Sadly, that means that there isn’t much time available for leisure activities.

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