What does the Brown v. Board of Education case illustrate regarding the ‘”adaptation of the law” to changing times?

Please write a paper that includes a summary of Brown v. Board of Education and a review of the movie “Simple Justice.” Your paper should be no less than 2 pages long, and no more than 3 pages long (double spaced). Your paper should summarize the Brown v. Board of Education case, along with the precedent which was overturned by that historic decision. Your paper should also describe the basic story from the movie, along with the ultimate outcome of the documentary. You should provide information on the following topics:
The plaintiffs in Brown argued that segregated education caused a deprivation of an important Constitutional right. What Constitutional right was at issue in the case?
Did the Supreme Court agree with the plaintiffs’ argument that segregation violated an important Constitutional right? Why/why not?
In Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court overturned previous precedent. What case did the Court overturn?
What legal principle was reversed when that precedent was overturned?
What does the Brown v. Board of Education case illustrate regarding the ‘”adaptation of the law” to changing times?
The Brown case was NOT the first case in which Mr. Marshall was involved which pertained to the Plessy v. Ferguson precedent. What other cases did he pursue which later helped to “lay the groundwork” for the Brown decision? Describe how those cases helped “chip away” at the “separate but equal” doctrine. (You will need to do some additional research to fully discuss these additional cases.)
In the consolidated cases (5 total cases which were all presented to the Supreme Court at the same time, later to be known collectively as Brown v. Board of Education), Mr. Marshall relied upon expert testimony to support his argument that “separate can never be equal.” What was the basic message of the expert testimony on which he relied? How did the Supreme Court respond to the expert testimony provided during the trial?
Your paper should be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 30, 2022. It is worth 50 points.
It is imperative that you properly quote and cite any direct quotations or materials closely paraphrased from the work of another author. This INCLUDES any direct quotes from the Court’s decision.

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