issues that are likely to have a foreign policy impact

This research paper will be 6 pages in totality and the entire descriiption is attached for your convenience:
Arbour (2012) discusses ten issues that are likely to have a foreign policy impact into the near future. You are to select one of these issues (Afghanistan) and write a research paper that evaluates the most promising foreign policy instruments or tools for addressing this issue, making a final recommendation on which instrument to use.
In your research paper, you should address the following overarching questions for each instrument. There are sub-questions included below each question to help guide you along. You should address them, but you need not address every sub-question in the research paper. They should inform your thinking on the overall questions.
1. Which instruments are available?
a. What instruments exist?
b. Are they in use elsewhere?
c. Can decision-makers control them?
2. Which instruments will work?
a. How vulnerable to coercion, or open to cooperation, is the target state?
b. Is the objective one of changing intentions, capabilities, or regimes?
3. How should they be applied?
a. How many instruments should be used?
b. Should instruments be used overtly or covertly?
c. Should the target be the other state’s society or its government?
d. Should their use be threatened or actual?
e. What is the optimal timing and sequencing of instruments?
4. How much would they cost?
a. What are the opportunity costs of using the instrument?
b. Are the objectives worth the cost of the instrument?
5. What risks do they pose?
a. What actions and reactions are likely if this instrument is used?
b. What are the effects on third parties?
c. How will the use of the instrument affect the future domestic and international environment?
d. What moral or ethical issues are involved in using this instrument?

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