Identify and describe the theory/framework

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a project with a policy focus that reflects your expertise and interests within the context of public administration.
Select a policy focus related to public administration that interests you and provide an outline of the thesis to be examined. The research proposal must address/include the following:
Research question
Argument/motivation for the research
Briefly explain the specific policy issue and why it is important. How does this impact public management?
e.g., Global warming is…Global warming is an important issue because… Global warming affects…
Define important terms related to the issue.
e.g., The greenhouse effect means….
Identify the key stakeholders (i.e. bureaucratic agencies, special populations, community groups, etc.).
e.g., Stakeholders affected include EPA, etc.
Key concepts in public administration that will be explored
Identify and describe the theory/framework being used.
Provide your logic model.
Identify your variables.
Methodology: The type of evidence you propose to display in support of the thesis. How would you obtain data to answer your research question? Note: You will not actually be collecting data for this assignment.
Explain whether this will be a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods study.
Identify the unit of analysis for your study (e.g., individuals, organizations, cities, etc.).
Explain how you would collect data (e.g., survey of EPA employees, a survey of local government managers, semi-structured interviews with EPA employees, focus groups, case studies, etc.).
Describe ethical considerations.
A reference list with at least 5 works that you plan to utilize. These must be academic articles, government reports, or other reliable sources (i.e., class readings, peer-reviewed journal articles, or government websites). Do not include blogs, general websites, Wikipedia, etc. in your references.
The Research Proposal must be cohesive, readable, and well-structured. It must also meet the following requirements:
2-3 double spaced pages
Written in essay form
12-point font
1-inch margins
Cover page*
Reference page *
Written in APA style with proper use of citations
*Cover page and reference page do not count towards the page count.

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