Critically engage with two ethical models (Utilitarianism, Deontology, or Virtue Ethics)

The assigned essay question is the following:
Imagine a case where if you were to tell a small lie to a friend it would cause no great harm. Is it acceptable to lie to your friend to spare her feelings? Critically engage with two ethical models (Utilitarianism, Deontology, or Virtue Ethics), examine what each would conclude in such a scenario, and offer an explanation as to why one is more defensible than the other.
I would like to argue in favor of Utilitarianism and against Deontology. You can use “I” in the essay as well.
1) Introduction -> in a clear and concise manner, introduce the argument of the paper. Do not beat around the bush and do not make it a mystery.
2) The presentation of the arguments; present relevant aspects of the arguments using the only two ethical models (Utilitarianism & Deontology). Clearly state the premises in each argument.
3) The presentation of objections or counter-arguments; must argue in favor of (Utilitarianism) and against (Deontology).
4) A response to these objections; explicitly address potential or would be criticism of your argument. Do not make claims you cannot support.
5) Most importantly the paper should be argumentative and concise. Do not just state facts and repeat your arguments over and over.
6) Do not get sidetracked by presenting expert opinions or materials from other disciplines.
7) Conclusion; wrap up in a clean and concise manner. A brief summary of the argument. No new information
Please abide by the following guidelines for formatting:
1) 4-6 pages (double-spaced)
2) 12-point Times New Roman font
3) 1” margins
4) Chicago-style (15th or 16th edition) citation method (either in-text or footnote)

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