Contrast corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

Assignment: One example of unethical activity is bribery. Explain what it is, how common the practice is, and where it is found.
Take a position either for or against globalization. Provide examples of how globalization has either helped or harmed individual nations and the world economy.
Contrast corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship.
How does a firm become a better corporate citizen?
Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of an organization influencing political action in regards to government regulation or the outcome of an election.
Instructions:For your thread: You will contribute meaningful, lively discussion posts in answers to one of the assigned questions in each forum Every initial thread should be between 500–700 words and must contain real business examples from reputable business sources, include research from: 2 sch olarly sources, Incorporate major ideas from the chapter of the textbook and videos, in which the question was taken, and Integrate biblical ideas into the analysis To focus on specific points of application for corporate responsibility. You should not speak in vague terms while answering the questions. Please refer to the Read: Guidelines for Use of Sources & Citations document found with the Learn section of Module 1: Week 1 and the Discussion Grading Rubric to make sure you understand how to recognize a scholarly source.

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