Briefly discuss the ramifications

Summary Paper Assignment: Tying a Local Environmental Issue to Human Drivers of Environmental Change
We live in a complex world and deal with a variety of environmental problems. Being able to create concise summary papers on environmental issues is an important skill in the environmental management field. Summary papers provide relevant information about environmental issues, how the issues were created, and ramifications of the issues.
Human activity is the driving force behind environmental change today.
You are asked to prepare a summary paper on a local environmental issue, tying it to the human drivers responsible for the underlying environmental changes and ramifications of the issue you summarized.
Please write a concise summary paper addressing the following:
Briefly describe the environmental issue and its history.
Identify two to three major stakeholders, such as local residents and groups interested in the issue, and briefly describe the problem from the perspective of one of the stakeholders.
Identify major environmental and human health concerns related to this issue.
Discuss how the issue is tied to each of the human drivers of change we learned about:
human population growth and consumption
energy use
land use
Briefly discuss the ramifications of not addressing this problem
Each section of your paper should be clearly and concisely written and based on supporting evidence and scientific principles. In addition, you will also be assessed on the following:
Writing style: Paper should be written in your own words, with no grammar or spelling errors. You should use topic sentences for each section and have clear transitions between sections.
References and citation: You should use reliable sources, include in-text citations where necessary, and create a references list in APA format.
Summary Paper Grading Rubric
Answer all Criteria (see attached rubric)
Here are some additional tips for writing summary papers:
Please always read the assignment instructions and grading rubric carefully. Ensure that you address all the required elements in your paper. Your assignments are graded according to the rubric; thus, check your paper against the instructions and rubric to make sure that you cover everything. This helps you avoid missing out on points that you can easily earn.
Summary papers are meant to be clearly and concisely written. Organize your paper clearly and logically, avoid repetition and redundancy by combining sentences with related ideas, strive for objectivity, and maintain a formal tone. Headers are a great way to break up your essays, but only if they are NOT overdone. In this assignment, there are some natural headers that you can use to organize the paper (i.e., descriiption of the local issue, stakeholder perspectives, environmental and health concerns, connection to energy, …land, etc.).
Structure individual body paragraphs by starting with a topic sentence, providing evidence that you cite in the middle sentences, and analyzing (or commenting upon) the evidence in your own words to end the paragraph. Make sure that each paragraph is complete.
Work on using transitions so that your paper flows from one idea to the next. The transitions are important to maintain a flow in the paper. Otherwise, it is a fact sheet. You want to pull the central thesis of your paper throughout the entire assignment.
Before submitting your paper, always proof-read your paper for clarity, grammar, and spelling. Your software’s spell-check function can help, but it is also helpful to read your paper aloud to catch errors. Do not lose points on something as silly as a spelling error.
APA7 – No plagiarism 4 pages not including reference page

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