What are the perceived attributes for succession of female law enforcement executives?

Students are to develop the following parts of the chosen dissertation topic of chapter 1; significance of the problem, theory analysis that will include variables that will answer the research questions that reflect the theoretical basis, and a listing of terms with definitions. Please consult rubric.
-Grammar, mechanics, and APA formatting is at an above average level.
-There is an above average organization of content, transitions of ideas, thoughts, and author’s contributions are clear and make sense to the reader.
-There is an above average development of the Introduction to include: significance of the problem, background, purpose, theory reference, research questions and terms with definitions.
-There is an above average ability to articulate and express content at the doctoral level for the reader to understand.
The chosen topic is as follows:
Female succession in Law Enforcement
-what is the Problem?
The problem is there are various known negative experiences women face within the career of Law Enforcement as it is primarily male dominated. There is little research on the females within the career who have advanced into leadership roles such as Chiefs and Sheriffs and what led to their success.
-what is the Significance of the study?
This study will examine the career path of females Chiefs/Sheriffs in the state of California and the perceived factors that led to their position of leadership. Females within the career of Law Enforcement may glean a better understanding of the lived experiences within this career field for females
what do you want to know? = Research question
What are the perceived attributes for succession of female law enforcement executives?
-what method do you think us best to answer what you wish to know?
Phenomenological approach would be best in regards to having people explain their lived experiences within their careers. This research will utilize attribution theory to further examine the attributes which led to their current executive positions.
Please utilize the ATTRIBUTION THEORY for any portions of the paper that ask for it
Please see the attached paper for the framework of this chapter
-Please note for the definition section of this chapter DON’T use dictionary definitions. These definitions need to be pulled from another dissertation paper.

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