examine deeper into services offered by Aging programs and facilities.

Hi Class,
This is a Project to examine deeper into services offered by Aging programs and facilities. Many unique services are available for older adults related to psychosocial, cognitive, and emotional issues nation-wide. For this, we will look into Aging services were you live.
Identify services available in a facility or agency of your choice that focuses on aging specific services, based on where you would like to work or have worked in the health care field near you.
Select the agency/facility of choice to study & learn about the services offered and how they meet the need/issue selected to research for the Presentation. Offer several examples of those services provided in detail.
Address any one of the following issues:
· Psychosocial
· Cognitive
· Emotional
Example: Blue Point Senior Center / Psychosocial Services
If the agency/facility does not have a well-developed program that relates to one of the areas above, describe what you would add or recommend to fill the gap in service.
*Each student’s topic selection (both name of selected aging program or facility & the focus of either psychosocial, cognitive, or emotional services this program offers to meet the needs of the client(s) is to be approved by Faculty by end of Week 3 to ensure you are on target ( Please do not submit your topic approval for this assignment to me on Day 6 of Week 4 – you may not have time to prepare if your topic selection is not acceptable).
Prepare an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes addressing the issue & service/agency you have selected with References for older adults/caregivers who may utilize the facility/agency. Make sure your presentation is professional, creative, informative, relative, and easy to read & understand for your target audience who may use the service in your Presentation. Remember, as with papers, the cover and references are not part of the page count. .

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