write a police report about this strange case in an internal monologue style

Imagine that you are one of the police officers called to the house after the
neighbour heard the scream. Based on the facts of
“The Tell-Tale Heart
write a police report about this strange case in an internal monologue style,
using textual evidence and what you know about the story
This short story already IS an internal monologue told from the perspective of
the protagonist. You will now write the thoughts, feelings, memories,
or conflicts in the police officer
s voice. Begin with stream of consciousness
writing to help you sound authentic!
Length and Style: 2 pages, double spaced, conforms to MLA Format
• Textual evidence creatively integrated but identified in quotation marks
• Comments on the level of sanity or insanity of the protagonist
• Convincingly adapt the voice of your character as he is depicted in the short story, and convey thoughts
and feelings believable to the character

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