What is at stake and what is he trying to preserve?

Choose one of the following prompts, and respond using FEAR AND TREMBLING by Kierkegaard.
Respond in three to four double-spaced, typed pages using Times New Roman 12-point font and Chicago-Turabian citations. Cite any and all sources.
1. Kierkegaard gives us two ways to distinguish good and evil. First, identify each of the ways, explaining them clearly and highlighting the distinction (and possible contradiction). Next, discuss why, according to Kierkegaard, we should choose one over the other and what becomes the individual’s position/relationship with respect to other people.
2. The Epilogue discusses rational choice, market manipulation, and calculated return on investment. Kierkegaard disparages this way of living. Why? What is at stake and what is he trying to preserve? (This question is really about his Christianity: what does it preserve in the face of biological and material determinism? )
MUST use the book “Fear and Trembling.”

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