Theology of social media

Submit a 3-page Practical Theology of your topic. My topic is “Theology of social media.”In this you need to coherently and thoughtfully address the following:
Identify the problem you are addressing and describe the “Why?” of this problem.
Engage in the descriiptive task, “What is going on?” describe the problem and the issues associated with it.
Engage in the interpretive task and describe “Why is this going in?” describe what are the relevant particulars, the morality involved in this issue, and effective means as to why people may be engaging in this.
Engage in the normative task and ask, “What ought to be going on?” Here you will want to engage the discernment process and consult scriipture, refer to biblical principles, address what God might say about this, ask the ethical question of how an ethical human ought to respond to this?
Finally, engage in the pragmatic task and speak to, “How might we respond?” Based on what you have spoken to above, present specific principles and practices that you would suggest one to follow.

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