prepare a research project in market assessment and business planning

You will prepare a research project in market assessment and business planning. You will select a country and a product or service to sell in that country either by exporting it there or by manufacturing and providing it there. The project can be a
new business or an existing business. The paper should be from 10 to 15 pages in length and should follow the outline below. The purpose of this learning activity is to enable you not only to extend and apply knowledge to a situation in the business world
but also to enhance your competencies in writing communication, critical thinking, critical reading, quantitative reasoning, and information literacy.
The price can increase because I need some progress report
1. Select country to study
2. Submit progress report
3. Submit progress report
4.Submit draft of Country Evaluation
5.Submit progress report
6.Submit progress report
7.Submit progress report
8.Submit draft of Business Plan
9.Submit final paper

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