If you already recycle, why do you do it?

The assignments include compile waste counted over a 4 week period and creating a scatter plot using weather data, please.
Assignment 1
Waste Assignment (2 pages)
We as humans generate a lot of waste, from plastic bags to pet droppings to dead batteries and
beyond. One of the biggest areas that we generate waste is leftover compostable food items. This can
be things such as carrot peels that we don’t eat, or spoiled food or food we don’t like. See the Brochure
About Composting source from the course readings from the Cornell Waste Management Institute. We
also often throw out things that can be recycled, like plastic bottles. See the Waste Management
Reading about Recycling 101.
For this assignment you are going to take a look at how much waste you produce. First look up
what is able to be recycled in your area. Report this as a list in your response. Let me know if you have
trouble finding this information. For the purposes of this assignment, assume that you are using a
composting method from the Cornell Waste Management Institute that allows you to compost kitchen
scraps. You do not need to keep track of yard waste as part of this assignment. Also report what kitchen
scraps/compostable food items are in your response.
Important!: Even if you don’t recycle or compost, you need to keep track of those items for weeks 2,
3, and 4. It is fine to estimate how many trash bags they would fill if you don’t actually compost or
recycle. Similarly, count everything as trash for week 1 even if you do compost and recycle, and count
the recycling as trash for Week 2, and the compost as trash for Week 3. Let me know if you have
questions about this.
1. Include the list of items that you can recycle in your area as well as what kitchen scraps/food items
are okay to compost.
2. Take one week and count the number of trash bags that you produce. Make sure that you record
what size they are. If you recycle, make sure that you count those as trash as well. It is okay if you don’t
bag your recycling, just estimate how many bags you would generate. Also if you compost, make sure
that your compost waste is counted as your trash for this week. Again it is okay to estimate. Report the
total number of trash bags you produce including any recycling and compost that you produce.
3. Now for a second week, set all compostable waste aside. Count or estimate how many bags of
compostable waste you make and how many bags of trash you make. Make sure that your bag sizes are
the same for both. If they aren’t the same, it is much more difficult to compare. I do encourage you to
note how full your bags are such as ½, ¾, etc. If you don’t compost, it is fine to estimate how many bags
of compost you produce and throw it out with your trash. Report these numbers.
4. For the third week, make sure that all of your local recyclables are not counted as trash. Count how
many bags of recycling you produce and how many bags of waste you produce. Again make sure your
bags or bag estimates are the same size. Make sure that you count compostable waste as trash this
week. Report these numbers.
5. For the fourth week, keep compostable waste and recycling separate from your trash. Count how
many bags of compostable waste, bags of recycling, and bags of trash you produce. Again make sure
that the bags or the bag estimates are the same size. Report these numbers.
6. Answer the following in a paragraph:
1). How did your numbers of bags compare across the 4 weeks?
2). Did you see a change?
3). Did anything happen during the weeks that might skew your results?
4). If you already compost, why do you do it?
5). If not, would you consider doing it?
6). Why or why not?
7). If you already recycle, why do you do it?
8). If not, would you consider doing it?
9). Why or why not?
10). Tell me how you felt about this assignment and anything else that you want to say about it.
Assignment 2.
Weather (1 page for scatterplot, 1 paragraph, weather data is attached)
Instructor’s feedback
I gave you credit for the data, but the assignment was to take the data and graph it in a scatterplot and add trendlines. Then you needed to include a paragraph analyzing the trends. You can revise and resubmit this to try and earn back points.
Also please let me know if you have any questions with the assignment.

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