developing a research essay based on the topics and sources you identified in Unit 2.

Part 1: Over the next several weeks, you will be developing a research essay based on the topics and sources you identified in Unit 2. For this assignment, craft a thesis statement and an outline for your essay. Follow APA heading levels in your outline (see Unit 1 Assignment for a reminder of APA heading levels 1, 2, and 3). You should aim to have an introduction, 3-5 main points, any applicable sub-points, and a conclusion in your outline.
Part 2: Provide complete APA reference citations for each article you will use and craft a 1 to 2 paragraph annotation for each article.
Use the APA Course Paper Template
Plan to work within the same document over the next several units as you develop your paper, saving each iteration with the Unit number and date so you can easily track your writing development. For example: MarshallH.Unit4.11.10.2019

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