describe the messages it conveys about masculinity.

Be sure that you read the chapter in the textbook and watch the assigned video, “The Mask You Live In” before you complete this assignment.
The assigned video for this week describes ideological frameworks about gender and sexuality in American society, and shows several examples of media (e.g. clips from TV shows) that reinforce and represent these frameworks. Additionally, the textbook explains the ways in which movies in particular have shaped and represented ideologies about masculinity. Each of these things (the book content and the video) is a form of ideological analysis.
It is important to remember that ideological analysis isn’t necessarily about criticizing an individual message that you think may be harmful for people or society. Rather, the point of ideological analysis is to identify the broader patterns of underlying messages that recur in multiple instances and make up that ideology (if this information sounds new to you, please review the chapter once more).
For this discussion, build on the ideological analyses in the textbook and video by identifying a song of your choosing, and describe the messages it conveys about masculinity. In your post, be sure to use the concepts discussed in the textbook (and cite the book) and at least one example from the song’s lyrics to explain to the reader the reader how the song contributes to the ideological messages of masculinity, as they are described in the assigned video. (Note: be sure that you are clearly connecting your work to the book AND the video)
Please include the song title and artist’s name in your post. If you choose to include a link to the song on Spotify or YouTube, that is preferable.

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