Describe the concept of federalism

Topic #1

o Describe the concept of federalism and how it operates in the federation known as the United States of America.
o Describe the jurisdiction (power) of the federal, state, and tribal governments.
o Describe jurisdiction (power) of the federal, state, and tribal court systems.
Topic #2

o Pick an era in U.S. history, OTHER THAN THE ONE GIVEN IN THE EXAMPLE HERE, and describe how social and cultural forces shaped the law. For example, U.S. society rejected slavery in the early years of the existence of the United States.
o How did the law change as a result of this social and cultural force?
o Remember, you cannot write on the example given here — you must choose another.
1. Length:
• Part 1 must be a minimum of 900 words or about (3) double-spaced pages.
• The final paper will be 1800 words or about (6) double-spaced pages.
• Use 12-point font, 1” margins.
2. You are not doing a brief, you are writing a paper. If your paper is labeled like a brief, it is a minimum of 50% off. This is just like other papers you have written. You may, and should, use appropriate titles to differentiate the information presented to the reader.
3. Research: You must do research and include your sources! Note: I do not accept PowerPoints or videos as sources, please use reputable sources.
• See link at the left, “Legal Research links” to help you.
• Google and Google scholar are also helpful.
• All sources must be cited using Chicago Manual footnotes only. See note below for more information on footnotes.
4. EXAMPLES. EXAMPLES. EXAMPLES. Examples are one of the best ways to explain and understand the law (and probably everything else :). Find at least (2) examples per topic from other similar cases/situations to illustrate your ideas. You may use secondary sources, that is, you do not have to use actual cases but can use articles that you find on the web that relate to the topic.
5. Footnotes: You must use Chicago Manual style footnotes.
• If URL is not used in the footnote, 25% will be deducted from your grade.
• If you use MLA, APA, or have a “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” page it is 25% off.
• If you use footers instead of footnotes, it is 25% off.
• If you do not know the difference, Google it for an explanation.
• If you do not know how to insert a footnote into a document, now is a good time to learn (In Word, it can be completed from the ribbon on the top) . You can also get instructions by Googling “How to insert a footnote in Word”.
6. Formatting: I am very picky about formatting. Your paper must look professional. If single-spacing, you MUST indent the first line of the paragraph or put a blank line between paragraphs, either is acceptable. There will be a 25% deduction for failing to do this. Again, follow the formatting of the samples provided to you.

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