write a short research brief analyzing a methodological tool

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Research/Reflection Paper
Your final individual assignment is to write a short research brief analyzing a methodological tool, framework or perspective taught in the course (e.g. Problem Reframing, Human-Centered Design, Brainstorming, Personas, Empathy Mapping, Journey Mapping, Culture, Creative abrasion, Innovation Communities, Social Innovation, Experimentation) that is either related to your interests, particularly meaningful to you personally and/or useful to your career. There is a 5-page maximum (12-point font, double spaced).
This is an opportunity for you to dive deeper into an area of your interest sparked by the course. Your research must further your knowledge/understanding on the topic of your choice beyond the course material presented in class and must be based on at least two new *peer reviewed scholarly source materials beyond those utilized in class.
Note: What this assignment is not — this should not be a summary, synthesis or reiteration of what was learned during the course but rather how some element of the course struck a nerve with you and may be relevant to your career in the future. This assignment offers an opportunity to more deeply explore an area of interest identified in the course and consider a relevant future application – make this assignment useful to you.
This is an integrative paper and the content should be reflective of your experience as well as from the research gleaned from published sources. As such, make sure to include a variety of sources and perspectives throughout your paper. As appropriate and needed, make sure to footnote all of your sources in the paper.
In addition to your research on the tool, framework or perspective you select, consider how this tool integrates with your experience. For example:
• Why is the method or approach you chose interesting to you?
• How has application of the method aligned or contrasted with your experience?
• Where would this method be most appropriate? Where and when is it not suitable?
• How has this approach or method confirmed or changed previously held views regarding any of the design and innovation topics discussed?
• How do you plan to use this method or approach to address an immediate challenge in your professional or personal life?
• How might this method or approach influence a direction or role you will take professionally in the coming months and years?
You will be graded on your ability to provide an informed in depth discussion of one aspect, method, tool or perspective related to design thinking and demonstrate relevant integrated learning. Thus, the sophistication of your research analysis and your ability to reflect and integrate new and existing knowledge with your experience is key.

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