Which practical reason for studying intercultural

In your assignment for this module you will address the first section of chapters presented in the text. Your response will be complete if you include properly punctuated, direct support from the text to demonstrate application and connection to the material and concepts.
Please address:
Which practical reason for studying intercultural communication identified was most compelling to you?
Considering the Iceberg Metaphor, give 1 example for 3 each level represented in mainstream U.S. culture (surface, intermediate, and deep). Refer to the diagram in chapter 1.
After reading the section about the Staircase Model and considering your current interactions with culturally dissimilar others, locate your present stage on the model. (Most will find themselves on the lower steps, however your stage will likely depend on several variables such as the person with whom you are communicating, the context of interaction, etc.)
List 3 suggestions from the chapter that would help you become more flexible and move up the stairs.

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