what will happen in the Roman empire after he dies?

A rhetorical analysis does more than summarize what a text says. It interprets a text by analyzing HOW a text operates to persuade its audience for a specific purpose. It examines word choice and sentence structure. It analyzes overall organization and structure within paragraphs. It notes what is emphasized and what is left out, and why that matters for interpreting the text. It evaluates the types of claims made, and the nature, relevance, and validity of the reasoning and evidence to support those claims. Every text is embedded in a rhetorical situation composed of these elements: Author: Who is writing this and why? Audience: To whom? Context: When? Where? To address what issue/concern/conflict/event/situation? Purpose: To persuade them of what? Genre: How? In what form? How does the form suit the purpose? And vice versa? Every text also makes claims implicitly, explicitly, or both, the nature of which are shaped by the rhetorical situation. Are the claims absolute assertions, qualified, or a combination? What kinds of reasons and supporting evidence are provided? To what end? Are the reasons and evidence sufficient, typical, accurate, and relevant? A rhetorical analysis reveals how all of these factors shape the text and audience response. For this particular assignment, you will be analyzing the rhetorical strategies employed by Augustus in “The Acts of the Divine Augustus” in response to this prompt: Augustus is choosing to relate certain facts about his life, his political career, and his relations with the Roman people and the Roman state. What messages or ideas is he trying to convey by choosing these particular facts and telling them in this particular way? Who is he trying to persuade, and of what? Analyze the elements of the rhetorical situation and his claims, reasoning, and evidence, in terms of how they shape the way his reign will be viewed, considering, for instance, questions such as these: Based on what you know about Augustus’s rise to power and the political situation in Rome that preceded it, why do you think he emphasizes particular points about himself and his reign? What are other points Augustus could have told about his life and career and chose not to tell? What is he choosing to hide or silence and why? Augustus wrote this text shortly before he died. What could have been some concerns on account of which he decided to write it? Was it just about how people will remember him, or was he concerned about what will happen in the Roman empire after he dies? Structure your essay around your answer to the prompt question, using the guidelines linked here. Introduce the issue in a way that engages the audience for your essay. Make a claim that answers the question. Acknowledge other possible viewpoints, and lay out your supporting reasons for your claim in the order you will be discussing the reasons in the essay. In the body of your essay, give detailed, specific examples from the text, quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing the text to support your reasoning. Cite the texts you use in MLA format, and provide a Works Cited page.

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