What roles do learning and education play in determining a person’s ability?

1. lease complete the Big Five personality trait questionnaire and share your all five traits result (e.g., Openness to experience: X, Conscientiousness: X, etc.). Does the organization prefer certain personality traits? If so, which one?
2. Consider the profiles of Hofstede’s cultural values uploaded. If you have some experience working with another country, which cultural value difference was (will be) most difficult for you to deal with?
3. What roles do learning and education play in determining a person’s ability? For which type of ability factor (i.e., cognitive, emotional, or physical) play the largest role in learning and education?
4. Think of your experiences with people who demonstrated unusually high or low levels of emotional intelligence. How would you rate them in terms of their cognitive abilities? Do you think that emotional intelligence “bleeds over” to affect people’s perceptions of cognitive ability? How emotional intelligence can be related to an employee’s overall ability?

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