What is in it? What was the point of the document and who was the audience?

Five times during the semester, you will select two primary sources from the chapters being covered and write an essay about the source, the author, context, and influence (2-3 pages). Your success on the quizzes will be in your ability to relate the primary source with material covered in the textbook, lectures, and discussions.
Primary Source Review Quiz 1 covers Chapters 1-3.
For the quiz, write an essay (an essay has an introduction, conclusion, supporting paragraphs–it is NOT just answering the questions) summarizing the source and be sure to answer the following questions, making reference to the piece by directly quoting from it:
1) What was the primary source being used? Who was it about? What is the context (what was going on in the world to cause this)?
2) What is in it? What was the point of the document and who was the audience?
3) What does this piece tell us about the period of history under examination?
4) What did you learn from it?

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