What does DNA stand for?

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Week 2 Homework
1. What does DNA stand for? (1 pt)
2. What are the building blocks (i.e. monomers) of DNA called? What are the three components of these building blocks? (4 pt)
3. In your own words, explain Chargaff’s Rules. (2 pts)
4. Which female scientist used the technique of X-ray diffraction to help figure out the structure of DNA? (1 pt)
5. How many strands does a molecule of DNA contain? (1 pt)
6. The strands of a DNA molecule are said to run “antiparallel”; please explain what this means. (2 pts)
7. Please describe the differences between a purine and a pyrimidine and list the two purines and the two pyrimidines found in DNA. (3 pts)
8. Which DNA bases are complementary to one another (i.e. which bases pair with which)? (2 pts)
9. Which type of chemical bond hold complementary bases together in DNA? (1 pt)
10. What is the general function(s) of DNA? (1 pt)
11. Explain what takes place during the process of transcriiption. (2 pts)
12. Please explain why the non-template strand of DNA is known as the “coding” strand. (2 pts)
13. Explain what happens during the process of translation. (2 pts)
14. Each group of three bases in mRNA constitutes a ____________, which each, in turn, specifies a particular __________. (2 pts)
15. Which cellular organelle is the site of protein translation? (1 pt)
16. An alpha-helix and beta pleated sheet are types of ___________ level of protein structure. (1 pt)

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