What beliefs does he try formulating?

Choose one of the six rhetorical purposes (creating a virtual experience, altering perception, formulating a belief, explaining, initiating action, maintaining action) and analyze the ways in which David Foster Wallace tries to achieve it in “Consider the Lobster.” What perceptions does he attempt to alter? What does he explain about lobster and/or the Maine Lobster Festival? What does he hope prove by this explaining? What beliefs does he try formulating? How does he go about creating such a vivid virtual experience? What does he describe? How and in what detail? Cite specific passages from the essay to support your opinions. Answers must be at least 250 words.
In the essay, Wallace makes the claim that “the Maine Lobster Festival’s democratization of lobster comes with all the massed inconvenience and aesthetic compromise of real democracy.” What does he mean by this and what types of evidence does he offer to support it? Answers must be 250 words.
David Foster Wallace refutes and defines various narratives and realities regarding lobsters. Analyze one refutation he makes and one definition. How do they help achieve one of his rhetorical purposes? Cite specific passages. Answers must be 250 words.
Please include in-text citation.

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