Was Taiwan’s electoral reform good for women?

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Beyond quotas: Strategies to promote gender equality in elected office. Political Studies, 62(1), 2-20. (O) 10. Huang, Yachien, “En-gender(ed) Politics: Representing Congress Members in the Best-selling Tabloid Newspaper in Taiwan.” Intersections: Gender & Sexuality in Asia & the Pacific; Aug2015, Issue 38, p1-17, 11. Discussion Questions 1. What explains patterns of gender political representation in Taiwan? 2. Has the rising levels of female political representation in Taiwan made a difference? 3. To what extent has gender been a partisan issue in Taiwan? 4. Assess the critical mass concept for the Taiwan case. 5. What has been the impact of democracy/changes of ruling parties on gender equality in Taiwan? 6. To what extent has Taiwan achieved gender mainstreaming? 7. Can we measure gender equality? Is Taiwan’s claim to be the most gender equal country in Asia convincing? Taiwan’s Feminist Movement Basic Readings 1. Fan Yun and Wu Wei-ting, “The Long Feminist March in Taiwan,” in Schubert ed Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Taiwan, 313-325. 2. Huang Chang-Ling (2017). ‘Uneasy Alliance:State Feminism and the Conservative Government in Taiwan.’ in Fell ed Social Movements under Ma Ying-jeou. Chapter 14 (Ebook). 3. Doris Chang. 2018. ‘Studies of Taiwan’s Feminist Discourses and Women’s Movements.’ International Journal of Taiwan Studies, Volume 1, Issue 1. (O) Further Readings Topic 7: November 25 4. 5. 67. Doris Chang. 2009. Women’s movements in twentieth-century Taiwan. University of Illinois Press. Fell, Dafydd and Hui-chen, Weng (2006) ‘The Rootless Movement: Taiwan’s Women’s Movement.’ In: Fell, Dafydd and Chang, Bi-Yu and Klöter, Henning, (eds.), What has Changed? Taiwan’s KMT and DPP Eras in Comparative Perspective. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz> Ebook Lee Anru, Catherine Farris and Murray Rubinstein eds. Women in the new 13 Taiwan : gender roles and gender consciousness in a changing society, Armonk, N.Y. : London : M.E. Sharpe, 2002. 89 Discussion Questions: 1. How successful has Taiwan’s women’s movement been? 2. Why has the feminist movement taken different campaign approaches? 3. What are the remaining challenges for the feminist movement? 4. What has been the impact of changes of ruling parties in the feminist movement? 5. What theoretical approaches can explain the women’s movement’s impact? 6. How should we best explain movement impact? Struggle for LGBTQ Rights Basic Readings 1. Ming-sho Ho, (2019) “Taiwan’s Road to Marriage Equality: Politics of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage”, The China Quarterly, no.238 (Jun 2019) p.482-503. (O) 2. Doris T. Chang. 2020. Legalisation of Same-Sex Marriage in Contemporary Taiwan. International Journal of Taiwan Studies, Volume 3. 268-291. (O) Further Readings 3. 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