The introduction provides a sufficient background on the topic and previews major points

Technical managers are often called upon to create white papers to describe current technology, or to support and promote their ideas and proposals. To exercise the skill set required to produce a quality white paper, each student is required to create a term research project covering an in-depth area of Enterprise Data Design, Administration, and/or Management. Some topic ideas include a new trend, a technology, a product, a standard, or a managerial/technical issue significant to a business. The project allows you to integrate, in-depth, the theories and topics within the enterprise data design, administration, and management discipline covered in this course. Think of this project as a research white paper you might submit to your manager to demonstrate your technical and managerial abilities.
Key elements of the topic are covered
Content is comprehensive/accurate/persuasive
Writer displays an understanding of relevant theory
Major points supported by specific details/examples
Research is adequate and timely
Writer has gone beyond textbook for resources
Writer compares, contrasts, and/or integrates the theory/subject matter with the work environment or their own experience.
At an appropriate level, the writer analyzes and synthesizes theory/practice to develop
new ideas and ways of conceptualizing and performing.
The introduction provides a sufficient background on the topic and previews major points
Central theme/purpose is immediately clear
Structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow (section headings and a TOC are very helpful here)
Subsequent sections develop/support the central theme
Conclusion/recommendations follow logically from the body of the paper and share the writer’s own thoughts, opinions, and/or conclusions
Paper organization is obvious from the TOC and Section Headings

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