summarize the different types of information systems at work in business.

Please answer the questions below. Thank you
The questions may be taken from the chapter case studies, chapter notes, chapter content, or on-line content.
1. Summarize three ways (that you didn’t know about before) that a smartphone can be an important business tool.
2. Discuss the Problem Solving model found in the text. How does it complement technology use? How is it separate from technology use?
3. Chapter 2.2, summarize the different types of information systems at work in business. Name a few and what are there functions?
4. Consider the transcendent role of Data found throughout our readings. What would happen to UPS or Amazon function – if contemporary IT/business systems were not available, or didn’t work as well as they do?
A. What would the result look like to the user/customer if Amazon did not have an e-Commerce site?
5. What would happen to current professional sports and teams?
Please use this link to access the textbook (Essentials of MIS):
Password: $RFVcde3@WSX!QAZ

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