Speculate about the reasons for changes over time

Formatting: Times New Roman, font size 12. Double spaced. Must include 3-5 tables and/or figures). Paper should be between 1,000-1,500 words (not including tables, figures and references). Must include a bibliography will full citations.
Write a statistical profile of one migrant group (Mexicans in the United States.) Your profile should integrate graphical displays of numerical data (tables or graphs) with a narrative explaining the most important points from the figures. You must use at least two different, reliable sources of statistical data. You can use more. You must also provide proper referencing (i.e. sources) for your statistical data, you must label all tables and graphs clearly (label X and Y axis, include a title and figure number, provide any information about the scale of your variables), and you may not cut and paste tables from secondary sources (you must create all of your own tables). Answer the following questions in your profile:
1) Describe, in broad terms, the migration history of your group.
2) When did your group first begin arriving in significant numbers? 3) Have there been peaks and dips in the group’s migration?
4) Speculate about the reasons for changes over time (try to discuss trends over the last 50 years, data providing)
5) What is the total number of migrants for this group today? How many leave and arrive each year (consider 10 years of data)?
Be sure to distinguish between STOCK and FLOW(The number of people migrating within a specific time frame is known as the migrant flow. The term stock refers to the total number of persons born in a country other than that in which they reside.)
6) Where do they go (i.e. which regions, provinces)?
Can you say something about their size relative to other groups?
7) What are the predominant means of immigrant entry for your group today, i.e., migration as family-sponsored immigrants, employment immigrants, temporary workers, refugees & asylees and/or illegal migrants? 
What proportion migrate through these different categories each year (consider 10 years of data)?
Investigate two (2) demographic or socio-economic characteristics of the group, e.g., their residential patterns, gender or age composition, educational attainment, poverty, racial diversity, family structure, citizenship status, etc. Speculate on why you see these patterns. In speculating about the numbers, draw on the course readings and seminar discussion. You do not have to do further reading, but you may if you wish.
The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with some of the statistical resources available to researchers of migration and to practice presenting numerical data.

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