Reflection is a process that promotes self-awareness.

Reflection is a process that promotes self-awareness. This cognitive process allows you to think critically to identify issues; state opinions, draw conclusions, and predictions; and express feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. The student’s responsibility in self-reflection is to support personal opinions, conclusions, and predictions by inclusion of relevant content presented in the articles.
Times Roman 1 1/2 space. Click on the hyper links and read ALL of the articles, then write a well developed 1-2 page reflection paper in APA format using the articles found below. Be sure to address the following items in your paper:
1. How has the articles either supported or changed your knowledge, attitudes, and/or beliefs? Give specific examples from the articles.
2. What new knowledge or new understanding of previous knowledge have you acquired from the articles that made an impact on you or your future behavior? Give specific examples from the articles.
3. Where did you agree and/or disagree with the authors of the articles? What is your counter argument? Give specific examples from the articles.
article 1 ;

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