Please respond to a fellow classmate post within 200 words.

Please respond to a fellow classmate post within 200 words.
This question is tough to answer when I consider the short and long term effects of each option, but for the purposes of this assignment I’m choosing to support free trade over protectionism.
The last two years have caused a shift in our economy that certainly no one could have predicted. Initially many people lost jobs, now many of those people have chosen not to return to the workforce causing a labor shortage. All while this is happening, inflation is rapidly increasing causing price increases to go in effect on most goods and services regardless of where they’re produced.
According to the international marketing textbook, one of the drawbacks of free trade is people in America losing their jobs to less expensive labor overseas (Cateora & Graham 2016). After everything that’s happened since the start of Covid, it’s evident labor shifts like this will happen regardless of free trade or protectionism and ultimately the overall lower cost of goods we experience with free trade is worth this drawback.
Now more than ever before there are new ways to make a living than traditional manufacturing and service positions that could be outsourced. I believe Americans, if they are motivated to do so, have the options available to make a living in a different role if they were to lose their jobs in a free trade environment.
According to a Stimson article from 2017, outsourcing labor is not the only reason people lose their jobs with fair trade or protectionism in place- automation is a big part of it (Reinsch 2017). Automation is inevitable and happening rapidly across the global manufacturing space. This also leads to loss of employment so if protectionism stays in place people will still lose their jobs and be paying higher prices for common goods due to the tariffs.
Cateora, P. R., & Graham, J. L. (2016). International marketing. New York, Ny Mcgrawhill Education.
Reinsch, W. (2017, December 4). The False Choice of Free Trade vs. Protectionism • Stimson Center. Stimson Center.

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