Identify the antecedent(s) which are events that must occur prior to the occurrence of a concept.

Hi there,
This is the last part of the project. I will attach the rubrics, a sample from a friend, and what’ve done so far for the paper.
Step 6: Antecedents & Consequences.
Identify the antecedent(s) which are events that must occur prior to the occurrence of a concept. (Be careful not to confuse an antecedent with a defining attribute…they do not occur at the same time.
Identify the consequences are the events that occur after the occurrence of the concept.
Step 7
Empirical Referents(s)-Reference is McEwen & Wills (2014) Chapter 3 (required reading).
These are the tools/measures that provide the definition of a concept. Concepts are abstractions of observable phenomena (see C. 3). A conceptual definition presents the abstract or theoretical meaning of a concept such as caring versus an operational definition of a concrete concept such as weight-the amount an object (or a person) weighs in pounds.
Provide at least one example of a relevant measure for the defining attributes.
Step 8
Write a summary and conclusion which should pull together the main points of your paper and conclusion.

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