How were results mapped and monitored?

The balanced scorecard has become an instrumental tool to healthcare industries. For this week’s discussion, please review this article from this module’s assigned readings:
Bajnai, P., & Popovics, P. (2020). Practical application of the balanced scorecard model, a balanced strategic indicator system (Links to an external site.). SEA: Practical Application of Science, VIII(24), 271–277.
Once you have read the article, relate a personal or known event in which the balanced scorecard was used (used and documented in the media, for example) to assist in making operational decisions. Respond to the prompts below:
Provide context for the event being described.
Who was involved?
What operational factors were taken into consideration?
How did the use of the balanced scorecard affect action(s) taken?
How were strategic initiatives revised to meet performance goals?
How were results mapped and monitored?

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