Explain how “the wisdom of sociology” is profoundly different from a common (non) sense “world-taken for granted”

Creative Essay Project
I indicated earlier that you would be using the “wisdom of sociology” repeatedly in this course. The wisdom of sociology that Sam Richards’ girlfriend saw right away and was fascinated with, even though he still had not learned it by then even though he was supposedly teaching sociology.
Creative Essay Project Note
Obviously it is not just the EU (European Union), and Europe, which face the high risk, high opportunity world reality, but the U.S. as well. This reality includes de-industrialization, offshoring of jobs, distrust of established authorities and mainstream political parties, populist parties that are nationalistic, robotics, automation and drone warfare. We may need a restructuring of societies and the world to move away from the “welfare state” to the “social investment state”, along with re-shoring and re-industrialization of Europe and North America.
The “Wisdom of Sociology” applies to the topic of suicide, of course.
Question (Label your work “Preface”, “Part 1.” and “Part 2.”):
In a first paragraph to this creative essay project (prior to Part 1.), discuss what the wisdom of sociology is, in your own words. Your central focus should focus should be on the “forces at work” (that most people never recognize) that are part of the wisdom of sociology. You will make use of this opening paragraph in each of the creative essay projects for the eight weeks of this course.
Part 1.
Explain how “the wisdom of sociology” is profoundly different from a common (non) sense “world-taken for granted” set of assumptions that the vast majority of society simply assume are correct.
Part 2. (200 word minimum for Part 2., better posts need to be more thorough.)
How does the “wisdom of sociology” also apply to Giddens’ topic of “living on the edge” that he discusses?
These phrases must be used (but not defined) in your essay after you look them up, and read about them, on Google:
· high risk world
· high opportunity world
· structural change to the “social investment state”
· rejection of populist nationalist politics
You might find it extremely helpful to look up Gidden’s term “juggernaut of modernity”.

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