evaluate a situation in which you experienced diminished or loss of SA

In this module, you have learned the meaning of Situational Awareness and common threats to maintaining good SA. Additionally, you should now understand how to recognize diminished SA and actions to take to improve it. In this Discussion, evaluate a situation in which you experienced diminished or loss of SA. It does not have to aviation-related, though that would be preferred. Describe the event using a typical aviation debriefing method of “What, Why, and How” – what happened, why did it happen, and how could or should it have been avoided or remedied?
What happened – Be specific and include details of when and where the event occurred (flying, work, home, driving, out on the town, etc.), as well as who else was involved.
Why it happened – What caused the loss of SA? Were there any indicators (red flags) that it was occurring? Were those indicators recognized, and if not, why not?
How could the situation have been avoided? – Evaluate what you could have done differently to avoid the situation or what you will do in the future, i.e., formulate a suggested “fix” for such situations.

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