Do you think that Hinduism could be generally classified as a “universalistic” religion? Why or why not?

Students are asked to consult with the course text, Introducing Hinduism, by Hillary Rodrigues and any zoom class lecture notes in preparing a response to both questions. Suggested length for your responses is 500 words per question. Each question will be marked out of 15 and the assignment will count for (2 x 15=) 30% of the grade.
Answer any two only of the following questions.
1.What are some of the key characteristics and teachings of Tantra and why does Tantra strive to transcend traditional boundaries within orthodox Hinduism?
2.During the period of colonization in India various critiques led to the demise or marginalization of certain streams of Hindu belief and practice, yet they also led to the formation of new religious movements as well as internal reforms. Discuss.
3.Ramakrishna Paramahamsa found an underlying unity within a variety of religions, an underlying unity that is characteristic of the Hindu tradition. Do you think that Hinduism could be generally classified as a “universalistic” religion? Why or why not?
4.Hinduism has numerous themes that nurture ecological awareness and reverence for the creation. What are these themes and how are they established within the tradition?
5.What events took place that allowed for the spread of Hinduism to the West? Do you think its movement into the West has caused Hinduism to simplify itself, or do you think it has become more complex through the process?

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