Do public school students have constitutional rights

Question 1
The United States Supreme Court decided its most important case, perhaps its most significant substantive ruling of all time in its unanimous opinion in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. For twenty years, this was part of a legal strategy to integrate the American society, but changes began to occur in the 1970s. Discuss the current direction of the courts and the implications for school leaders. Cite cases and other sources in this discussion.
Question 2
Discuss two cases presented in Mead’s article. Explain their impact on schools. Why are these important.
Question 3
What cases have impacted 1) use of books in the library and 2) use of books in the school curriculum. 3) What do these cases tell administrators about decisions on use of books in the library? 4) What are important considerations for administrators in adopting or removing books from the library? 5) How do you handle parents that complain about these issues?
Question 4 Reading
What are the two most important things you have learned from Week 2 reading assignments from chapter 2 in your textbook?
Question 5 Required Reading
Do public school students have constitutional rights when they enter the school? Why are public schools a place to discuss this issue? What are key points that Driver makes in regard to this discussion in his podcast?


Officials: Undocumented Children Won’t Break Texas Schools

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