design a new solar pond off the coast of California.

Project Statement:
You are interning at an engineering firm that designs solar ponds to store thermal energy. Your
boss assigns you and another intern to help design a new solar pond off the coast of California.
The other intern has been tasked with understanding the thermodynamics and heat transfer of the
thermal pond. You have been tasked with understanding the hydrostatic forces acting on the
concrete structure of the pond. Your boss asks you to first, do some background research on solar
ponds and then, send them your hydrostatic analysis in two weeks so they can complete their
design of the new pond.
The report format, analysis questions and more details are attached in the project descriiption(pdf file). The solar pond design figure is also in the pdf file. the format consists of background research, hydrostatic analysis and future recommendations. Please cite your sources using either Chicago or APA formatting. The word count does not have to be 1000 words as there are calculations involved.

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