describes the myth of police as only crime fighters. What has this myth endured?

Respond to each of the following:
Chapter 1 discusses several strategies police departments can use to foster a sense of openness and transparency. Compare and contrast two of these strategies. Address any potential strengths or weaknesses.
What is police legitimacy? Describe two practices that can build legitimacy.
Chapter 1 describes the myth of police as only crime fighters. What has this myth endured? What are the consequences of this myth?
Discuss two factors that led to changes in American policing during the 20th century. Be specific about what these factors are and how they changed policing.
Describe two new strategies that define 21st Century Policing.
your response should be based on Walker, S., & Katz, C. M. (2021). The police in America: An introduction (10th edition). New
York: McGraw Hill Education.

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