cover something in World History between Pre-history , meaning the evolution of human beings

FIRST PICK A TOPIC! Your topic is to cover something in World History between Pre-history , meaning the evolution of human beings, to the Renaissance. Then, you are asked to evaluate a website devoted to that topic, which can be a person, an event, or a location. The site should be content specific, not a general site like Wikipedia or similar encyclopedic sites. If you have questions about choosing a website, please ask.
Once you have identified the site, in at least 250 words (1 page) describe it according to the following:
· Full Name of Website and URL/ Web Address:
· Who is the intended audience for this site? How did you determine this? (75 word minimum)
· How could the site’s domain (.edu, .net, .org, .gov.) impact its credibility? (75 word minimum)
· Briefly describe the organization, company, agency, etc. who published the site. (75 word minimum)
· Does this site have ads or is it ad free? What does this say about its credibility? (75 word minimum)
After the descriiption, in at least 250 words (1 page) analyze and evaluate the site using the following instructions:
Describe the site comprehensively. Clearly state any issues or problems with this site. Please address the following:
1. Provide a brief a brief summary of how the site addresses the topic.
a. The summary should not be an abridged biography or summary of the person or event addressed by the site.
b. The summary should focus on how the website addresses the topic and should not be about the topic itself.
2. Can you verify the information in another source? (Provide links to 2 other credible websites that have similar information.)
3. Does the point of view appear objective and impartial?
a. Is the information fact, opinion, and/or propaganda?
b. Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional, or personal biases?
4. Would you be comfortable using this source for a research paper?
In your write up, you can follow the outline provided here. You may also write your response in paragraph style. In either case, I do expect complete sentences.

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