conduct a SWOT analysis on a facility

This week we discussed the purpose of a SWOT analysis. It is important to have a good understanding of what components you are considering in each of the four parts. Before we conduct a SWOT analysis on a facility, the best way to practice the analysis is to conduct it on something you are really familiar with. So for this Reflection Paper you will be conducting a SWOT analysis on yourself. Please remember these key components:
1. Strengths and Weaknesses are focused internally.
2. Opportunities and Threats are focused on your external environment. Sometimes I find it easier to first identify external threats and then consider what opportunities are presented based on those threats.
Here are the requirements for your paper:
1. Write 1 paragraph for each component (1 paragraph for strengths, 1 paragraph for weaknesses, and so on). Within each paragraph, list a minimum of 2 things for each component and be sure to explain your reasoning for choosing each.
2. Conclude your paper with a reflection of this assignment. How easy or difficult it was for you and what you learned from this to be able to conduct a SWOT analysis on a facility in the future.
You will have a minimum of 5 total paragraphs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, reflection). review your in-text citations and references before submission.

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