Complete: Shell, Appendix A “Bargaining Styles Assessment tool”

Answer these questions:
1. What were the results (discuss results in terms of styles, not the letter results A, B, C, etc.) from the assessment tool, and based on those results what is your natural bargaining style?
2. What if anything did you learn about yourself? Were you surprised, or did the survey confirm what you already knew about your bargaining style?
3. What adjustments do you think you will need to make in future negotiations based on the survey results?
1. Complete: Shell, Appendix A “Bargaining Styles Assessment tool” [attachments below]
2. Prepare a summary in a doc or docx document which answers questions 1-3 above.
3. The summary should be 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, and typed with 1-inch margins, 12pt Times New Roman font. Make sure paper is at least one page in length.
4. You must use a heading for each of the three questions so that it is clear that you completed each part of the self-assessment summary. Papers that don’t include headings will be penalized.
5. The paper should have a cover page that includes your name, assignment name and date. Cover pages do not count against the length requirement.

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