your own home school district

Locate a school or school district report card issued by the state. You might find it interesting to look at the website for your own home school district.
Imagine you are an educational leader (e.g., principal, Curriculum Coordinator, Director of Assessment, superintendent) in the school or school district you selected.
Write a 700- to 1,400-word report to the school board and faculty in which you:
Identify and discuss decisions that need to be made, based upon the data, for each of the following areas: (1) language arts/reading, (2) math, (3) special education.
Include a list of stakeholders who should be involved in making data-based decisions for each area.
Include at least 5 scholarly references
Include a screenshot of the report card you used for your assignment as an appendix to your report.( Writer my school district is District of Columbia Public Schools)

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