write three hypotheses (one for each t-test), indicate the statistical test used

Instructions: -This paper consists of writing a method and results section of the Asch experiment in APA style (please refer to the lecture on writing a method and results section in APA style).
-Please read a short handout about the classic Asch experiment (“Asch Background”), review the results of the study (“Asch Results Online Jamovi”), and read over the paper assignment (“Asch Method and Results”). In the method section, you should write about the participants, materials, and procedure (click on the “Asch_Experiment_Qualtrics” file to see the instructions, target traits, and questions). In the results section, you should write three hypotheses (one for each t-test), indicate the statistical test used (i.e., an independent samples t-test), report the results in words and numbers (i.e., include means, standard deviations, df, t-value, and p-value), and indicate whether the results supported the hypotheses. See the examples attached (“Midterm E1” and “Midterm E2”).
-Please note that the “sig two-tailed” number refers to the p-value. Any p-value less than .05 indicates a statistically significant result. If a p-value says .000 you should write p<.001. When you are finished, please submit your paper to the Submission folder.
-Lastly, please note that this paper will likely end up being closer to one page and a half instead of just one page.

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