Write a paper that addresses the legal and ethical foundation of a corporate compliance strategy

Imagine that you work for a company that produces smart refrigerators (refrigerators connected to the cloud). Your responsibility in the company is to ensure corporate compliance.
Activity Instructions
Write a paper that addresses the following:
1. The legal and ethical foundation of a corporate compliance strategy for a company that produces ‘smart’ refrigerators.
2. Include a corporate social responsibility strategy to be integrated into a cybersecurity framework for securing the ‘smart’ refrigerators your company produces.
Tips for Success
When conducting searches in the library, click on the tab on the left side of the screen that indicates Peer Reviewed articles. There are tutorials in the library to assist you in your searches: Library Tutorials
Be sure to avoid the use of first-person and contractions in your writing.
Writing and Submission Requirements
For standard requirements, review the Discussion and Written Assignment Expectations.
Use proper APA format to include parenthetical citations and a reference list, using at least two scholarly resources.
1-inch margins
Double-spaced and 12-point Times New Roman font
Include a title page
This assignment will be graded based on academic content, integration of resources, and graduate-level writing and grammar.
This activity will be graded using the Graduate Assignment Rubric.

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